About me

My name is Joanna Fabrowska-Bala and I am here to take care of your cosmetics. How? By ensuring the safety of cosmetics and advising on a broad spectrum of issues concerning cosmetics law.

But first things first… Cosmetics are my passion. Therefore, studies in the field of cosmetics chemistry was a natural choice for me. In 2017, I obtained my PhD in chemical sciences. I defended my doctoral thesis “Methods of isolation and analysis of bioactive compounds from selected species of freshwater green algae” with honours.

Already during my studies, I was dealing with the formulation of cosmetics and I was interested in their safety. Then I gained experience in the cosmetics industry, where I was working with, among others, the development of cosmetic formulations and INCI compositions, completing product documentation and registration of cosmetics in the CPNP system.

I am the author of numerous scientific publications dedicated to the analysis of bioactive compounds in natural raw materials. I participated in numerous courses and trainings dedicated to the safety of cosmetics and other industry topics. In February 2019, I obtained the prestigious certificate “Safety Assessment of Cosmetics in the EU” at the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels.

Currently, I act as a safety assessor developing cosmetic products safety reports and advising Clients in various aspects prior to placing products on the market. I specialize in the analysis of the safety of natural cosmetics based on botanical substances. I constantly improve and broaden my knowledge because I believe that continuous development is the key to our mutual success.

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