Mission and Values

Cosmetics Care means care for:

  1. Cosmetics safety #cosmeticscare
  2. Consumer safety #consumercare
  3. Quality of work #qualitycare
  4. Good relationships with the Client #yourcare


1. #cosmeticscare

The main objective of Cosmetics Care is to develop cosmetic products safety reports in accordance with applicable legal regulations. It is a multi-stage process that includes, among others: checking the correctness and completeness of product documentation, toxicological analysis of cosmetic ingredients, verification of the correctness of the cosmetic composition in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

2. #consumercare

Taking care of the reliable safety assessment of the cosmetic, Cosmetics Care contributes to ensure the consumer safety. Analyzing the composition of the cosmetic and developing the safety report, Cosmetics Care is primarily concerned with the safety of end users.

3. #qualitycare

High quality and attention to detail is a very important value for Cosmetics Care. When you decide to cooperate with Cosmetics Care, you can be sure that the safety reports will be prepared in a reliable and very accurate way.

4. #yourcare

Cosmetics Care puts emphasis on building the relationships with people and on meeting Customer expectations. It is very important to talk to get to know each other and build trust. Cosmetics Care cares about the Client adapting to his needs, as well as through expert advice concerning cosmetics law and their placement on the market.

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